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King Louie OG

1/8 oz | FlowersTHC 23.43 %CBD 0 %


Selected Option - King Louie OG

King Louis OG | The King has arrived! King Louis is an indica dominant strain produced by breeding OG Kush and LA Confidential. King Louis follows in the footsteps of it’s OG Kush parentage in both presentation and effects. Known to many as a prized cut of OG Kush, King Louis raises the bar for kush connoisseurs by delivering that scrumptiously pungent taste and hard-hitting high that indica lovers crave.

Product Descriptions
Claybourne Eighths are 100% indoor grown, premium selections of CBD-Rich and THC-Rich varieties. Hand packaged with care to make sure we all get a chance to experience the show bud. Featuring full cannabinoid and terpene profiles right on the package.

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